Guy Rolnik

Editor in Chief of "The Marker", "Ha'aretz"

Mali worked consistently and continuously in an extremely creative manner to place TheMarker at the forefront of the competition, responding to the ever-changing design concepts of a news website. She was also able to provide solutions to the news desk as well as the commercial department, enabling the site to develop and introduce new tools and content sections around the clock. Her ideas, imagination and thought processes were received with great interest and with respect amongst those around her.

The tasks in which Mali was involved required high levels of decision-making, responsibility, awareness and professionalism, as well as coping with and negotiating between pressures from different – and often contradictory – directions and meeting tight deadlines. She met all these demands time and again in an extremely impressive way.

Talia Ben Avi

Public Relations Manager, The Israeli Census, Central Bureau of Statistics

Our public appearance is extremely important in public relations activities. For this reason we decided to give the census website a “facelift,” and this is where your work has borne fruit.

Since our first meeting in which the site’s design concept was developed, it was evident that we were in the best hands: trustworthy, professional and responsible. Throughout the [design] process you were caring and devoted, met schedules, provided excellent service and made yourself available at any time, for any query.

Mali – working with you has been a sheer pleasure. Launching the new site within the constricting schedule we had was made possible by your work and personality.

The responses for the site are extremely positive; we see this as a resounding success and you played a major part in this.

Yoav Stern


I commissioned Mali to execute an urgent and important project that included target markets both in Israel and internationally. The project required confidentiality since it had to do with certain public figures.

Mali understood the concept very quickly, took command, develop the layout and the web structure and carried it out efficiently and effectively. The website was designed to perfection, the content was managed and processed in a timely manner, and technological aspects were handled professionally as well.

Mali was available and responsive throughout the process, understood the requirements and goals, and translated them into an excellent product. In short, Mali successfully handled the tasks by herself as a “turn-key” project. It was a pleasure to work with her, and the results were excellent.

Sharonna Karni Cohen


Mali is a wonderful designer, listener and doer.

She is constantly providing creative input and thinking out of the box when required and within the design frames and rules when also required. She is always listening to what I want, how it should work, the story of the concept and what I believe the user needs. Every idea evolves, and Mali is always up to date with this transformation. She is very hands on, and gets things done before you know you want them done- which is always a good thing.

Aviv Eilon


When updating the NetLaw website, I wanted to create something new and interesting that would present content in an engaging, agreeable way that was easy to get around and read, yet would look professional and attractive.After dozens of interviews, I finally got to Mali having seen some impressive graphic design that she did for one of my clients. I explained that the website already existed, that it had a clear technological infrastructure, existing content, and internet addresses and external links that could not be changed, and that it needed a format that could easily be converted from Hebrew to English. I also made it clear that I was seeking an especially creative designer able to commit to and meet a reasonable work schedule, and most importantly, able to translate the key principles from ideas into reality.

I soon realized that Mali was the one I was looking for: she is very creative and meticulous, pays attention to every pixel, and has a much broader understanding than “just” design which can greatly assist those managing content-heavy websites. Mali understood our requirements and created well-designed, clear and user-friendly pages which, though content-heavy, are not too packed, and are easy for both experienced and novice users. Moreover, the files and comments she passed to the technical development team were clear and there was almost no need for further clarifications.Her creativity, grasp of user requirements, design talents, understanding of the client, warm personality and project management capabilities will ensure that those who want to create a particularly successful website will get all they need and more.